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You’ve been dreaming of this day since you were little, or maybe not until “Will you marry me” was spoken! Whether the dreams have been long or short, your special day is now reality. The dress is perfection, the flowers are breath taking, the emotion…a roller-coaster of joy, happiness, anticipation, weak knees, heart pounding excitement!  Bob Coker Photos captures the emotion ensuring those moments last a lifetime!

If it cries, smiles or laughs, I'll capture the moment!  Selecting just the right photographer can be difficult.  I know!  My wife and I have 7 children, 6  of them are girls!  When it comes to planning and preparing for a wedding, I know how important wedding photos can be.  Getting GREAT looking pictures is important, but finding just the right photographer for you is equally important.

Why Bob Coker Photos Is The Right Choice

Some photographers will not allow others to photograph during the wedding.  NOT SO with Bob Coker Photos.  In fact, I encourage family members and friends to get all the photos they can.  After all, it is YOUR day.  

I have 30 years of photographic experience and the weddings I shoot run smooth.  The reason the wedding runs smooth is the utilization of a powerful tool, "Family Photo Assistant."  Bob Coker Photos is one of the few who use a Family Photo Assistant.

What is a Family Photo Assistant?

A Family Photo Assistant is a person from the Bride or Groom's family who likes to shout orders!  This person will specifically assist with bringing together key people for the  photos you want.  It is not mandatory, but having someone who knows all the family members is a GREAT asset in helping  your day run on time, freeing you and the Groom to focus on more important things - each other!

What clients say about Bob Coker Photos.

"Thanks Bob!  I took a quick look at the pictures and they look great!  I can't even tell you how many compliments we had about you from our wedding party and parents - everyone thought you had the BEST personality of any photographer they've worked with!  You fit right in with our crazy group!  My maid of honor is getting married next spring and has requested all of your information so I may see you again at her wedding if everything works out.  we really appreciate all of your hard work and we hope you had as much fun as we did!"   Brooke Buchanan

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Choose between 4 wedding packages ranging in price from $650 to $1500.

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